Thursday, August 30, 2012

Virginia - United We Stand - personalized license plate replica

Another patriotic design, on a Virginia license plate. Looks great, doesn't it?

Virginia - United We Stand license plate replica:

Price: $19.99 + shipping (available worldwide)

More license plate designs soon...

We are constantly working on new designs, so check back soon! Any requests? Leave a comment in our comment box, or Facebook page! Don't forget to vote in our poll and like us on Facebook! (right side) :)

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Pennsylvania customizable aluminum license plate replicas

Todays feature are two recent Pennsylvania license plate designs.
So, let's take a look:

Pennsylvania 2000-2004 - - aluminum license plate replica:

Price: $17.99 + shipping (available worldwide)

Pennsylvania 2006 license tag design - - blue and yellow

Price: $17.99 + shipping (available worldwide)

Don't forget!

This front license plate lets you express your driving attitude or cause. Made of sturdy & durable aluminum, it is water-resistant. This custom plate is the perfect complement for drivers with novelty plates on the back. Measures 12" x 6".

Shop from home with the comfort of knowing that your order is backed by a 100% Money Back Guarantee. This 30-Day Guarantee gives you plenty of time to check items for color, high-quality, and size. If for any reason you need to return or exchange an item, just contact our Customer Service department and you're done!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

New Alaska and Oregon personalized license plate replicas

We're in a process of adding new states to our CafePress web shop. We want to cover all 50 states, and we want to do it ASAP. Today, we're presenting two states: Alaska and Oregon.

Alaska - The Last Frontier license plate replica

Price: from $17.50 + shipping!

Oregon - Douglas fir and mountains aluminum replica license plate

Price: from $18.99 + shipping!

Final words...

There are two things we would like to share - first, we have added a poll to the right sidebar - please vote. Your vote is anonymous, but it means a lot to us, since we always try to follow our customers wishes. Leave us a comment, like us on Facebook... we love to hear from you!

Second, we have added a page to our top navigation menu: Blank Plate Graphics
If you're looking for a license plate design, you could buy one of ours. Feel free to check it out!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Texas vintage 1845 license plate replicas and TX Lone Star 2000 license plate

We have a total of twelve Texas license plate designs, and today, we're featuring our Texas 1845 vintage replica plates, and a newer design, from the year 2000. Vintage designs are offered in white, black, blue and pink.

Custom 1845 Vintage Texas license plate replicas:

Price starts at $17.50 + shipping!

Other colors available for Texas 1845 Vintage plates:

Note: Links open in a new window. Prices for all these plates are $17.50 + shipping. Click on the links above to visit our CafePress web shop, where you can edit and order your own custom license plate!

Texas - The Lone Star State - aluminum license plate replica (2000):

Price: $19.99 + shipping

A few words from Werewolf Speed Shop:

We have added new designs, covering Alaska, Connecticut, Oregon, Pennsylvania and Virginia. Most of the designs are/were recently used on real, road legal license plates. Click Custom License Plates on our navigation menu at the top of the page, to see the updated list and map. Or, you can visit Werewolf Speed Shop at CafePress directly, to customize and buy your own personal aluminum license plate!

Once again, we must stress out that our plates are NOT road legal! Don't use them in traffic and/or on public roads.

Visit our Squidoo Lens "10 fun facts: US license plates", where you'll find fun trivia about American license plates! Don't forget to click 'Like' if you, well, like our lens! :)

Visit our "Custom Vanity Plates" Squidoo lens, to see the list of our license plate designs in one place. Buying our plates from Squidoo Lenses automatically gives a part of our earnings to charity.

Don't forget - we love feedback! Leave us a comment, or a plate design request. And, like us on Facebook!
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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

New York customizable license plate

For now, we only have one license plate design from New York, but rest assured, we'll add more soon.

New York - Empire state - Black and yellow license plate replica

Price starts at $17.50 + shipping

Available worldwide!

CafePress welcomes customers from all around the Globe! To see the shipping rates and terms, please visit:
Werewolf Speed Shop & CafePress shipping information and rates

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

New Mexico vanity plate replicas - Land of Enchantment and 2012 Centennial

We have two New Mexico custom license plate replicas on offer. The Land of Enchantment and the 2012 Centennial plate. Here they are:

Yellow New Mexico Land of Enchantment custom license plate replica:

Yellow background, green details and red lettering. Classic New Mexico USA license plate!
Price: $18.99 + shipping!
Note: Links open in a new window

Blue New Mexico 2012 Centennial license plate replica:

Blue background with yellow and white lettering. 1912-2012 New Mexico USA Centennial license plate replica!
Price: $18.99 + shipping!
Note: Links open in a new window

Buy with confidence!

Our replica license plates are manufactured and delivered by CafePress inc. These custom vanity platers are made of sturdy & durable aluminum, and are water-resistant. CafePress offers a 30 day money back guarantee. Besides that, there are numerous sales and discounts offered by CafePress! So, stay tuned!

Your Werewolf Speed Shop Team!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Delaware lighthouse license plate replica

Re-drawing license plates is always challenging. Especially if we're doing a graphical plate replica. That's why, in the end, we're so proud of them. Here's another graphical design, this time - Delaware.

Delaware replica license plate - Lighthouse

Priced at $19.99 + shipping!
Note: Link opens in a new window!

Our map of the United States of America

On this map, you can see witch states we have covered so far with our license plate designs. (Green)
The map is available from the top navigation menu, in the 'Custom License Plates' tab. We'll update the map when we add new designs. As always, you can leave a comment if you have a special wish! Write it here, in our comments box, or on Werewolf Speed Shop Facebook page!

Alabama - God Bless America, Stars Fell on Alabama & Choose Life replica license plates

We have three great license plate designs for Alabama. Without further ado...

Stars Fell on Alabama custom license plate

A classic Alabama license plate design. Featuring stars and music notes, with a classic 'Heart of Dixie' logo.
Price starts at $17.99 + shipping
Note: Link opens in a new window!

God Bless America vanity plate

Patriotic Alabama License plate. Stars and stripes, and the classic Alabama 'Heart of Dixie'...
Price: $17.99 + shipping

Alabama - Choose Life license plate

Smiling kids faces and Alabama Hearts!
Price: $17.50 + shipping!

In the end...

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Friday, August 10, 2012

Colorado - green license plate and 'ILVTOFU' trivia

There's something interesting about a certain Colorado license plate. Heard about ILVTOFU license plate?
Well, you can get your own vanity 'ILVTOFU' replica plate right here! Want to know what's this all about? Read on!

Click here to buy or customize your own Colorado license plate!
Price from $17.50 + shipping!

US License plate fun facts and trivia:

We have just launched a Squidoo lens with 10 fun facts about U.S. license plates!
Click on the link above, or on the image below to visit our lens! You'll find about ILVTOFU Colorado license plate, and much more!

P.S. Don't forget - If you buy something on our Squidoo lens, a part of the profits will be donated to charity!

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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Nevada replica license plates

Today, we're presenting you two of our Nevada custom license plate designs. Two great designs - 'The Silver State' and 'Mt. Charleston' - colorful license plates featuring Nevada mountains.

Nevada - The Silver State novelty license plate replicas:

Nevada - Mt. Charleston aluminum replica plate:

Price: $19.99 + shipping
Note: Link opens in a new window!

And a few final words:

We always try to reproduce these license plates to look like originals. But, we have to make some small changes to them, so we can fit them on the CafePress license plate template. Usually, that means that the top and bottom writing is a bit narrower, since CafePress aluminum license plates have slightly wider screw holes.

Please don't use our plates in public traffic. They're not real plates. Depending on your State, you just might get away if you use them as a front plate, but don't count on it.

Our new Facebook page:

Yesterday, we promised that we'll make a Facebook fan page. So, here it is:

Werewolf Speed Shop Facebook Fan Page

Visit us, like us, leave us a message. :)
We're always happy to hear from our fans and customers!

There's a Facebook box on this blog as well - look to the right :)

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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Customizable Arizona License Plates

We are offering five different designs of Arizona license plates. Alongside the beautiful 'Grand Canyon State' and 'Centennial' designs, we offer two more that are a bit more 'conscious' - 'Alternative fuel' and the pink ribbon 'Early detection saves lives'. Our fifth design - 'Street Rod' uses the same base as the 'Grand Canyon State', but it's more oriented towards gear-heads. A perfect gift for a garage decoration, wouldn't you say?

The price for all license plates featured here is $18.99 + shipping. All of them are made from durable aluminum, and are waterproof. Besides that, you get a full 30-day money back guarantee from CafePress!

Note: All links open in a new window!

Arizona 1912-2012 Centennial  replica plate:

Arizona Alternative Fuel vanity plate:

So, you're Eco-Friendly? Why not showing it?

Arizona Pink Ribbon novelty plate:

Show some pink ribbon love, and raise awareness at the same time!

Arizona Grand Canyon State custom plate:

 This is one of the greatest designs seen on a license plate.

Arizona - Street Rod custom license plate replica:

Same as the 'Grand Canyon State', but with a different message: 'Street Rod'...

A few final words:

We'll add more designs soon. Leave us a comment if you're looking for a particular one.

Don't forget - these plates are not road legal. You can use them on car shows, race tracks, or other events that don't include driving on public roads. Or, you can decorate your home, office, dorm room...

And, check back tomorrow, hopefully, we'll make a Facebook fan page by then :)

Your Werewolf Speed Shop Team!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Ohio - Birthplace of Aviation - Replica license plate

The classic Ohio - Birthplace of Aviation license plate design caught our attention when we saw it on a TV show called 'Supernatural'. Black Impala, owned by Dean Winchester has the CNK 80Q3 on it's tags.

Supernatural Ohio license plate replica:

(Note: Link opens in a new window)
You can enter your own custom text, or you can order it with the default Supernatural number.
The price for this plate is $19.99 + shipping.

A few notes:

We're active on Squidoo. It's a great comunity, where everyone can create a page (called a lens) about things that interest them.

We have a Squidoo Lens dedicated to the '67 Impala from the TV show 'Supernatural' - Metallicar. Check it out if you want to find more about it - It's a diabolically sweet ride.

Our Custom Vanity Plates are featured on Squidoo as well. Buying plates from our lens means that a part of the income will go to charity. Yes, charity is a big part of Squidoo, and you can contribute as well.

We'll add more famous movie license plates soon. Why not give us some ideas? Leave us a comment!

Thanks for stopping by! - Your Werewolf Speed Shop Team

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

California custom licence plate replicas

Currently, we have two classic designs for California. Probably the best known ones - white background with red stylish lettering at the top, and the 'California - The Golden State' vanity plate - featuring white background and yellow stylized sunset at the top. A great personalized gift for every California fan!

The Golden State vanity plate replica - click to open our CafePress web shop
Prices start at $17.50 + shipping!
Note: All links open in a separate window.

Basic white California custom license plate - click to open our CafePress web shop
Prices start at $17.50 + shipping!
Note: All links open in a separate window

Buy our license plates with confidence:

.CafePress offers a full 30 day money back guarantee on all our license plates. So, you can buy with confidence. Besides that, all our replica license plates are made of sturdy & durable aluminum, and they are water-resistant. 

Where can you use our license plates:

You can use our customizable license plates almost anywhere. Except on public roads.
Use our custom plates on your track-day or race car...
... or, on your kid's soapbox derby race car ...
... as a 'Open' or 'Closed' sign for your business ...
... as a name plate on your dorm room door ...
... or anything else! :-) We won't mind!

A few final words:

You can customize, preview and buy your own personalized California license plate from our CafePress web shop. Visit our California License Plates section often, since we are working on new designs every day! If you want a specific license plate design, and you couldn't find it in our Werewolf Speed Shop, don't hesitate to ask us! Just leave us a comment, right here on our blog! Oh, please keep in mind, we can't reproduce every license plate design, but we sure can give our best shot!