Sunday, October 21, 2012

Custom Fight Terrorism license plate replicas

We have three patriotic plates to show you this time. All three are from the 'Fight Terrorism' series. These license plates are from Texas, Virginia and Missouri. Remember 9-01 logo on white background and lettering in red and blue.

Custom Texas - Fight Terrorism license plate replica:

Price: $17.50 + shipping (Available worldwide!)

Personalized Virginia - Fight Terrorism license plate replica:

Price: $17.50 + shipping (Available worldwide!)

Custom Missouri - Fight Terrorism license plate replica:

Price: $17.50 + shipping (Available worldwide!)

A few words...

Not all of our designs are yet here on this blog. Visit our CafePress web shop - you'll find everything there. If there's a design you're looking for, and we don't have it - let us know! Write it in the comment box, here on our blog or leave us a message on our Facebook page.

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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Mini license plate keychains - Part 2

Here's the newest series of our Mini License Plate Keychains! This time, we're presenting kechains with Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Kansas, New Mexico, North Dakota, Ohio and Oregon license plate designs.

Customizable mini license plate keychains

Price: $8.99 + shipping (available worldwide!)

Delaware - lighthouse
license plate keychain

Florida - Sunshine State
license plate keychain

license plate keychain

Kansas - State Seal
license plate keychain

New Mexico- Centennial
license plate keychain

New Mexico - Land of Enchantment
license plate keychain

North Dakota - Discover the Spirit
license plate keychain

Ohio - Birthplace of Aviation
license plate keychain

license plate keychain 

A few words...

All our keychains can be customized, just like our license plates. Click on the links below the images, and they'll take you to our web shop (powered by CafePress!). There, you can personalize, preview and buy these keychains.

All our mini license plate key chains can be seen and bought here:

Werewolf Speed Shop - Mini license plate key chains

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Personalized Iowa aluminum license plate replica

Here's one more design - Iowa current license plate. This design took us almost a full day to replicate. We don't just scan the plates and edit the images - we draw them from scratch. That way we can offer the best possible image quality!

Iowa - current license plate replica:

Price: $18.99 + shipping (Available Worldwide)

A few things to remember:

  • Our plates are not meant for road use! They are replicas. If you need a real plate, visit your local DMV.
  • All our plates can be customized - and there's a live preview at our CafePress shop!
  • If you can't find a plate you're looking for, leave us a comment here on our blog, or on our Facebook page!
  • We can put our designs on various items - T-Shirts, Mugs... just name it.
  • If you need computer images of our license plate designs, let us know. (Take a look here!)
  • Our plates are made from aluminum, and there's a 100% money back guarantee provided by CafePress!
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Washington State license plate replica

This license plate design was used since 1989, with only minor changes (Washington lettering). It's still in use today.

Washington - Evergreen State license plate replica:

Price: $17.99 + shipping (Available Worldwide)

Michigan license plate replica

Here's another current style license plate - this time, from Michigan.

Michigan current blue on white license plate replica:

Price: $16.99 + shipping (available worldwide!)

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Utah Centennial license plate replica

Another beautiful design - Utah 1896-1996 Centennial license plate! Desert scenery, blue skies, white clouds... Classic Utah Arch design.

UT - Centennial 1896-1996 license plate replica:

Price: $18.99 + shipping (Available worldwide!)

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Hawaii - Aloha State license plate replica

So, here's another new design - Hawaii Aloha State rainbow license plate replica.

Hawaii Rainbow - Aloha State license plate replica:

Price: $17.50 + shipping (Available worldwide)

Don't forget - our plates are quality items with a 100% money back guarantee!

Here's the official description from CafePress:
This front license plate lets you express your driving attitude or cause. Made of sturdy & durable aluminum, it is water-resistant. This custom plate is the perfect complement for drivers with novelty plates on the back. Measures 12" x 6".
We strongly suggest, that you DON'T use our plates on a vehicle that's operating on public roads. We don't want you get in trouble with the law. You can use our plates for all sorts of other things - decorating your home, office, dorm room door, garage... You can use them on your show car at car shows, or on your race car on track days. And the list goes on... One of our customer uses them as OPEN/CLOSED signs at their place of business! Now that's creative!

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Georgia 2005-2008 style license plate replica

It's been a while since our last post, here on our blog. We wanted to let the Raising money for Breast Cancer Awareness post on top for a while. After all, it's for a good cause. (P.S. Pink ribbon charity is still on - all trough October!)

We have a lot of new designs, so let's start with Georgia.

Georgia 2005-2008 style license plate replica:
Price: $17.99 + shipping (Available worldwide!)

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