Wednesday, September 11, 2013

WWSS 1 Year anniversary collection

Dear friends,

we have survived for a whole year! How cool is that? To celebrate, we have prepared a special collection of hand-picked products featuring our 1 year anniversary logo. This collection was designed for our team, but we have decided to share it with you. So, if you find a product you like, you can order it at a special price. :)

Here are just a few images of our new collection:

Automotive maniac stuff:

Car window flag! Roll down the street like a president! :)
Aluminum license plate - these things are the #1 reason we made it so far :)
License plate frame - a perfect match for your replica plate!
Bumper sticker! Every car should have at least one!
Of course, stickers available in other sizes and shapes as well!

Things you can wear:

Front view of our t-shirt. Different styles, sizes, colors and materials available!
You can customize the back side of our anniversary t-shirts with your name... or anything else!
A warm hoodie for the fall season. :)

Even little babies can be cool with our exclusive apparel!

And more!

Coffee mug - 'cause we can't live without coffee!

... but, that's not all folks!

Yes, really! That's not all - we have prepared 35 exclusive products in this collection. Visit our CafePress shop to see them all! We have toys, computer accessories, stationary and more!

Again, thank you for a wonderful year!

Your Werewolf Speed Shop Team